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Horseback riding in the Endless Steppes of Mongolia

Mongolia, the best horseback riding experience

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Mongolia is country that offers more than you ever expected. Once you have decided to go to Mongolia, there is going to be another challenge, where in Mongolia you want to go? It is almost impossible to see everything in one trip because there are too much that nature offers from thick forests to endless valleys and beautiful Gobi deserts and more that will mesmerize you. On top of that, Mongolia has a fascinating history, culture, lifestyle and unrepeatable hospitality that will blow your mind away. I could not possibly make a complete list of the things that you can experience in Mongolia. But as far as I know, for many non- Mongolians this country is land of the great Chinggis Khaan/ Genghis Khan and only that fact makes it an un-doubtful choice of destination.

If you want to experience the real endlessness, come to Mongolia and send yourself to endless stepped of the Great Lakes. Once you reach the valley, take a long ride on a horseback and feel the real freedom and wisdom of 13th century Mongolian warriors while cutting through the soft cool breeze.

That is the best experience you can ask for… if you are as fascinated as I am with horses and freedom of the ride.
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